Business Intelligence with PowerBI

Empower your business with Advanced Analytics.

Become a data driven organization with dashboards containing the most important information.

Unique Dashboards tailored to your data and your business.


Our team of experienced consultants will provide dashboard designs customized for your organizations needs.



Utilize Jet Global sophisticated data warehousing technology.


As a Jet Partner, NTR can ensure that the right data is pulled from across your enterprise. Sync, match, and unify your entire data landscape.



Sales Performance

View breakdowns of Sales trends by Country, State, Divisions, Teams, and much more.

Cost Trends

Keep close watch of cost trends by departments, locations or by any other grouping relevant to your business.

Customer Backlog

Monitor your ability to keep promises to customers. Get a quick view of any late shipments and troublesome processes.

Hold Vendors Accountable

View vendor performance and address any late deliveries, cost trends, or other factors that could be impacting your business.


Operations Metrics

Monitor operational performance over time or broken out by various groupings to understand where improvement effort is best focused.


Be confident that your data is secure with industry leading security practices by Microsoft. Whether on-premise or in the cloud, NTR can guide your organization for the right decisions.

Ready to make Analytics a priority?

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