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New Technology Research is the ideal ERP solution provider for the Real Estate industry. Our solution package fits the entirety of the Realtor market including Sales, Leases, & Projects. Our service comes embedded with 20 years of experience including numerous high profile clients in the Real Estate industry.

We provide a single integrated system with implementation and business management across domestic locations. Our NAV expertise includes proprietary and standardized modules covering each area of the Realtor workflow including tenancy overviews, work orders, rental agreements, accounting integration, and business forecasting.

Our team of internal consultants cover your full end-to-end solution between accounting and business process support, as well as, continuous technical and user support. Our organizational structure is designed to deliver a cost-effective and high quality solution with the goal of a long-term partnership with our clients. Our team of experienced consultants provide on-going services such as accounting support, business process management, as well as, technical and end-user support.

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Whether you are a global organization looking to implement a single ERP system or a domestic company with global ambitions, NTR is the full spectrum solution provider for you