Track shipping performance in Power BI

Power BI dashboard that displays late shipments to customers across departments. Dive into the number of days late for each month and week.

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What if you could replace spreadsheets with the #1 analytics tool by this time next month?

Tracking your delivery commitments to customers is a vital function of providing good customer service and maintaining your reputation. We covered extensively how you can track late shipments and on time delivery in Business Central and construct the Power BI dashboard detailed below.

Here we will give an overview of the different components that were implemented in the report.

See how many times you shipped late to your customers

The top component features a simple bar graph that displays the count of late shipments that were identified as being late. Importantly, as it relates to Business Central, this is counting unique document numbers of shipment documents so each individual shipment will be counted, regardless of partial shipments.

By utilizing the hierarchy feature we have added the ability to step down into the weekly view of this same metric.

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Which department is performing the worst? See bottlenecks in an instant.

In the bottom left we have a small grid table shows the number of shipments per month for each department, as well as, a table showing the average number of late shipment days per month for each department. This table interactions nicely with the pie chart whereby you can click on a slice to filter the tables and the rest of the dashboard for only that department.

Set clear goals and be able to hold your team accountable

The final component is a simple gauge that gives a quick view of the companies current overall customer late shipments percentage. The 92% line shows our benchmark goal and makes it easy to see how close we are to being on target.

An instant ROI. With clear objectives and guidance your team got started quickly and the time savings from pivot table maintenance was startling

Chat with one of our team members to see the clear framework for getting started with Power BI quickly.

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