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Our team has worked with Real Estate teams, and our brokerage dashboard can serve as a starting point for your own reporting.

The reporting requirements for a full brokerage or an individual broker can vary depending on the size of the team. In this dashboard we have created reports that fit the key areas:

  • Top line gross commission income for the company
  • Agent performance tracking and leader boards
  • Current active deals
  • Marketing analysis
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Expense overview
  • Company financials

You can clearly see how the brokerage is performing

Page 1 of the Power BI real estate broker dashboard is a report on the overall company performance.

This page is meant to provide a top level view of two important elements:

  1. How is the brokerage and company doing? See the count of deals and total deal sizes across the company.
  2. How are the agents in the brokerage doing? See total deal counts and deal sizes by agent.

Some important features on this page is the dynamic filtering that is available. By clicking on any of the agents names, or a specific month, the entire page filters to those values.

This allows you to narrow in and see the above metrics for a month of interest or a particular agent.

On the left panel there are some static KPIs displayed:

  • Total number of active deals
  • Current month deal totals (total deal sizes across the company)
  • Current year deal totals
  • Current month projected house net income

Another important feature that is applied on each page of this Power BI report is drill-through capabilities. For each visual you will be able to right click and drill into the underlying data to review the exact deals that make up the values you are seeing on the screen.

Review all your active deals and see their progress

Page 2 of the Power BI real estate broker dashboard is a report on the current active deals within the brokerage.

This page was built to provide the following specific details:

  1. What are the current active deals across the brokerage and what are their important details (deal size, net profit, status, anticipated closing date, etc)?
  2. What is the status of important checklist (compliance and document requirements) for each active deal?

From this page a broker or management would be quickly see compliance bottlenecks or important upcoming deals for each agent.

Great for a stand-up meeting with a specific agent as the top filter allows you to see all the above details for only one or more agents at a time.

Drill into each Agents performance

Page 3 of the Power BI real estate broker dashboard is a report on specific agents performance within the brokerage. This is a great stand-up meeting report.

This page was built to a range of important metrics and details about the agents performance. At the top left we have added tracking cards for:

  1. Active deal count
  2. Total active deal price
  3. Total active house net
  4. Average closed deal price
  5. Agent gross commission income
  6. Total house net for the year

In the top right is a map showing the territory of the agent based on their closed and active deals.

At the bottom we see the monthly trend for deal counts and deal totals across each type of deal, Buyer, Landlord, Listing, and Rental.

You can review marketing expenses and see where the real ROI is

Page 4 of the Power BI real estate broker dashboard is a report that dives into unraveling your marketing activities and tying those to specific financial outcomes. 

It is very important to be able to know what activities your team is performing are actually contributing to net income for the team.

The top portion of the page splits the marketing activity into buyers and listings, letting you attribute the activities to each.

By clicking on a specific box you filter the commissions and deal volume for that category of marketing activity. This can also be further filtered to a specific agent.

Forecast when cash is coming in, and when it is going out.

Page 5 begins to dive into specific financials for the brokerage. Cash flow is critically important for most businesses, but especially for real estate.

This Power BI report page allows your team to see the anticipated cash flows based on the anticipated closing dates and closing dates of deals.

Again, this can be filtered to a specific agent to see their estimated future monthly payments.

Become an expert on your firms expenses

Following the cash flow forecasting is an overview of expenses. Page 6 of the Power BI brokerage dashboard gives the totals and details of the expenses related to each deal.

This allows management to clearly see where money is flowing and which agents are tied to which.

Company health and financials will never be in doubt

The final page of the dashboard shows the company financials. In this case we have shown a simplified financial statement.

Typically each brokerage will want to configure these statements to fit their business, which is very easy to do.

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