Production floor map with icons in Power BI

Learn how to add icons to your floor map

Manufacturers and other types of companies deal with tightly controlled processes in their facilities.

Keeping an eye on production or services can be difficult using just excel spreadsheets and pivot tables.

Power BI gives us a great way to not just visualize the manufacturing floor map but add data to it directly.

Displaying a manufacturing floor map with icons
Manufacturing floor map with icons in different colors based on the data applied.

You will be able to custom define various icons to represent production stations or machinery.

The data then gets fed to these icons to display in different colors and configurable logic based on your business needs.

This allows your team to at a glance view the status of a particular unit, area, or machinery with the data that is most relevant.

This blog post is meant to demonstrate a proof of concept for how this can be done.

Power BI Production Floor Map report with Icons

As displayed above, any custom map or floor layout can be used as the base for the icons to be laid on top of.

Each of the icons is assigned an index which we can then assign data to via the Synoptic Panel by OKViz.

The icons are static on the map and the color can change depending on the data that is fed.

A great feature is that the icons are clickable, allowing data in the other charts in the report to be filtered to that icon, and vise-versa.

This is an exciting option for visualizing data that is typically trapped in pivot tables.

Get access to the template file through our Power BI Resources subscription.

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