Store Distribution & Sales Power BI Dashboard

Utilizing Power BI to track retail store location performance and distribution activities.

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Companies that manage distribution to retail stores or other types of locations have many metrics to monitor.

Most of this monitoring happens within pivot tables or other excel sheets.

Power BI gives a great opportunity to visualize the sales performance and distribution metrics of their locations.

Power BI dashboard to track store sales and unit transfers

Store Distribution Power BI Report

This dashboard was created with the idea of a team that is managing a number of locations in a territory.

A key metric is watching the sales of these stores in aggregate and individually.

The left side of the dashboard provides these sales metrics by store and aggregated over time.

The map feature is gives a great visual view of the territory while incorporating the store icons.

Power BI Retail Store Sales Report

The color of the store icons changes based on business logic, giving the user an easy view of which stores are on track and which are likely to miss targets.

Added to the map is the ability to hover on the icons to view specific sales reports for the store.

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On the distribution side of things, the team will want to see what shipments are inbound to each store.

The truck icons on the map will display in different colors based on the business logic.

Power BI Retail Store Distribution Report

Here the stores with no inbound shipments show in white, while brown indicates that a shipment is on its way.

The team can then hover on the truck to see the specifics of the content of the shipment and expected arrival time.

Track your retail stores and distribution in Power BI

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