Add service time tracking to your Microsoft Business Central

Track service time and agreements in Microsoft Business Central, making it easy to reconcile resource hours and customer obligations.

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Managing service contracts is an essential aspect of business.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central provides excellent features for Service Management, including contracts.

As a typical part of service contracts are the service hours a customer may be entitled to.

So how do you track the service hours a customer uses?

How do you know how much to bill? Or how many more service calls they can use?

Your team will be performing service for the customers, and it will be critical for you to be able to tie those back to the contract.

Out of the box, Business Central does not provide the ability to do this.

Typically, your team will use an external tool for tracking time.

The time then needs to be connected to your customers and any agreements you may have in place.

This can require complicated means for reconciling and tracking.

You will need to track the hours per resource, costs, and by service contract for detailed management.

Consolidating the entire process in Business Central presents massive benefits.

Reconciling against the service contracts is automatic.

It's easy for your team to manage warranties.

The accounting impacts can quickly be seen for service activity.

Reporting becomes easy to do with all the important data within one system.

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Power BI is a powerful reporting platform from Microsoft

Power BI can be leveraged to show critical business insights in the service department and customer relationships.

Connecting Business Central to Power BI is easy, allowing your team to move beyond spreadsheets.

We've helped companies like yours expand and fully utilize everything Microsoft Business Central has to offer.

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