About NTR

New Technology Research Corp (NTR) specializes in the implementation of business management systems and process automation helping our customers streamline their processes and maximize productivity.

We provide business management solutions for various verticals of Microsoft Dynamics NAV such as Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Manufacturing, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Sales and Service Management etc.

Why Clients Choose NTR

We are a cost-effective business management solution provider. Our 20 years of diverse experience across various industries gives us a deep understanding of client requirements. Using a standardized methodology and support structure allows us to offer our customers the complete package for professional and successful implementations. We continually strive to provide our customers higher cost savings and operational efficiencies across their organization.

  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Furniture
  • Parts Distribution
  • Real Estate – Sales & Rental



  • Order Process Automation
  • Production Flow Automation
  • EDI Automation
  • Shipping Integration
  • Web Portal Fully Integrated to ERP
  • Portals for Resellers/Customers/Suppliers
  • Sharepoint Based Web Shop
  • Digital Dashboard

Current Clients Globally

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Industry Deep Dive


Wholesale distributors are continually challenged by increasing customer demands, competitive pressures, and the accelerating spread of globalized manufacturing. Margin pressure and inventory challenges make cost control and efficiency critical for success. The right technology can create new opportunities to increase operational efficiency across your business, fill orders faster, and reduce inventory and distribution costs.


The service industry is constantly challenged by the demands of changing technology and customer expectations. Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides all the necessary functionality required for the complete Service workflow including, Warranties, Contracting, SLA, Repair management and more. With 20 years of Microsoft Dynamics NAV experience across a multitude of industries, NTR is your end-to-end solution partner.

Real Estate - Sales, Leases & Projects

New Technology Research is the ideal ERP solution provider for the Real Estate industry. Our solution package fits the entirety of the Realtor market including Sales, Leases, & Projects. Our service comes embedded with 20 years of experience including numerous high profile clients in the Real Estate industry. Use cases include tenancy overviews, work orders, rental agreements, sales, accounting integration, and business forecasting.


Success in the manufacturing industry hinges on producing the right products, in the right quantities, at the right time. Quality and cost control are essential to deliver value to customer at a reasonable price. The evolving landscape of compliance and customer needs requires flexibility to respond competitively. Real-time visibility into global operations is essential to allow quick decisions based on accurate data.


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Whether you are a global organization looking to implement a single ERP system or a domestic company with global ambitions, NTR is the full spectrum solution provider for you