Use Microsoft Business Central for Real Estate

See Business Central for Real Estate

Real estate brokerages benefit significantly from being a single platform company. Microsoft is the premier technology provider for tying your entire companies technology under a single umbrella. At the core of this platform is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with the ability to manage and reconcile all of the various needs of a Real Estate firm.

Run your Real Estate firm using Business Central

A typical realty company uses many different solutions from various different companies with loose or no integration between them. From managing sales and listings, property payments, document management, and more.

Here at NTR we have helped several large Real Estate firms fully integrate the following functions within Microsoft Business Central:

  • Creating and managing Sales & Listings
  • Property management, including collecting payments
  • Linking marketing activity to real profits
  • Document management for easy audit
  • Complex commission tier structures and payments
  • 3rd party integrations as needed

You can create & manage Sales & Listings

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Real Estate

At the center of a residential real estate brokerage is the ability to create, track, and manage sales and listings by your team. The NTR Business Central package extends the standard with all the additional fields and logic details that are required such as:

  • Closing details
  • Commission tiers and tracking
  • Team structures and reporting
  • Deal expenses and reimbursement
  • Contact management
  • and much more

The additions that are included are too many to simply list here, however the flexibility of Business Central allows our team to configure the package to the exact needs of each Real Estate firm, allowing them to manage operations in their own unique way.

Manage your rentals & collect property payments, without worrying about commissions

Some of our clients focus exclusively on sales and listings, however others also include rentals and representing landlords as part of their portfolio. Business Central allows them to easily incorporate both streams of business under one roof.

From gathering the details required for the rentals to collecting payments and properly attributing commission on each receipt, their entire operations are covered.

Document management where it matters

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central excels at managing any activity that can come under audit scrutiny. The Real Estate package provides linking of documents and document updates to the deals for easy reference.

Integrate DocuSign with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

This includes approval workflows and an automated e-signature process enabled by DocuSign. Your team can be confident that each important contract, signature, or exchange of information is accurately tracked and referenced from within Business Central.

Yes, you really can track your marketing expenses without adding a massive workload.

Identifying the marketing levers that are driving your business success is critical, especially in an environment with so many different channels available.

How do you know which are performing?

To properly identify this requires thoroughly tying payments and expenses to the marketing activity of each deal. This gives the entire team a detailed view of what is driving the highest R.O.I.

Open your phone or browser and instantly see detailed analytics about any part of your business.

A huge added benefit of pulling your entire company on a single technology platform is that it allows you to easily enable advanced analytics capabilities with Power BI. We have created a comprehensive Real Estate Brokerage Dashboard that can serve as a starting point.

The dashboard also provides an excellent overview of the wealth of data that is captured in Business Central.

You can review the dashboard here & see the showcase here.

Using other tools? Easily integrate them so everything feels like a single system.

Regardless of everything above, there are still some excellent tools out there that we see firms using such as Salesforce, Dotloop, Skyslope, and many others. Business Central is a great platform for integrations allowing us to plug in other tools exactly as needed and tie the data together in a way that truly lets the two systems "talk to each other".

Our team has extensive experience with integrating BC with external systems which will speed up the time it takes to get your team moving.

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