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You've moved beyond the standard. Standard Business Central that is. If you're here, then you are likely asking the following questions regarding Contracting:

  • How to handle amendments?
  • What about the version history of a contract?
  • What if a contract was changing for an upcoming billing period?
  • What about contract price grouping?
  • We need to prorate by calendar days, can it handle that?

If you've got answers to any of the above, perhaps they weren't good enough. Most of our clients manage contracts, and many need advanced contracting.

Get a clear answer to these open questions with our Advanced Contracting Package. Here is what it covers, or skip to the bottom to see how you can reserve it today, no obligations.

Adding advanced contract amendments & management to Business Central

Contract management needs more features. With 20+ years of Microsoft Business Central & Navision experience under our belt, we could see the shortcomings that clients had seen firsthand.

Our goal was to solve this once and for all. What was included in this Contracts Add-on? The features clients had been begging for:

  • Contract amendments with quotes and merging
  • Version history of contracts
  • Prorating of charges
  • Contract variation by billing periods
  • Price grouping by Contracts

Contract amendments & version history

Amending a contract should not delete the old. How can you manage contracts without understanding it's history? The contracts add-on provides the amending functions otherwise missing.

Advanced Contract Management and amendments Microsoft Business Central

The benefits?

  • A new contract quote is generated.
  • The new amendment merged with the old.
  • The version history complete and available for reference.

Impacts on upcoming billing periods? That's covered as well.

Handling advanced contract billing in Business Central

Lets say you have a two year contract and your client wants to replace one item with another after six months. How would you handle this in standard Business Central?

With our Contracting Add-on, you would be able to handle the first six months with the first item, and the following 18 months of billing with the second item.

Pro-rated billing is included, allowing you to take contract charges and apply them by calendar day in the pro-ration schedule you need.

Advanced Contract Management package for Business Central

Get the missing features. Manage contracts the way you need it.

Our Power BI Quick Start package includes:

  • Review your current workflows
  • Configure your Business Central for advanced contracting
  • Customization where needed
  • Training for your team

Reserve our Advanced Contract Management package today with no obligations.

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