Dynamics Business Central for Manufacturing

Our team has specialized in implementing advanced Manufacturing workflows within Dynamics Business Central. Few partners have the experience that our team has.

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Business Central Customer

"Since 2013 I have done two global implementations with NTR. They have the experience for small and global companies."
Joe M | VP Finance @ Doble

Streamline Your Processes and Boost Productivity

Connecting your business is not possible if you are compromising on features. Your team can incorporate all of your workflows in one place.

"NTRs deep knowledge of manufacturing operating principles, has been key to our process development to date."

Business Central

JC, General Manager

Manufacturing in Microsoft Business Central
Visual Scheduling for Manufacturing in Microsoft Business Central

Scalable and customizable features to fit your unique needs

Build a robust RMA and service process within Dynamics Business Central, optimize resources, and use accurate inventory forecasting.

Business Central can be your ERP at any size

This is an ERP that fits any business and budget size. Whether you are a startup or a global enterprise, our team can help you connect your operations.

Manufacturing in Microsoft Business Central

Five critical Manufacturing features within Business Central

In our experience, the five must-have features that are requested include:

Production orders

Used for managing the conversion of purchased items into manufactured goods. They allow you to route your work through various work centers or machines on your shop floor.

Planning functionality

Used for managing the conversion of purchased items into manufactured goods. They allow you to route your work through various work centers or machines on your shop floor.

Inventory & Warehouse Management

The features available in Business Central allow you to scale from simple inventory controls, to complex warehouse management with bins, lots, and serial numbers. The financial components are taken care of with appropriate costing methods and other considerations.

Production & Assembly Bill of Materials

Structure your items that must be produced or assembled in terms of their components. Our team has helped companies fully structure multi-level BOMs for both production and assembly.

Integrated Accounting

For each of the manufacturing features, there is a direct connection to the financials of the business. With the correct configurations, every transaction that happens will be recorded for its accounting and financial impacts.

Recommended add-ons for Business Central

Many of our clients take advantage of several add-ons to get more efficiency in their workflows. Some of the most requested are:

Visual Scheduling

Visual Scheduling for Manufacturing in Business Central

Visual scheduling provides a wide range of features, but namely it allows you to easily plan your production steps and optimize resource costs by seeing the impacts of different planning steps.

DocuSign eSignatures

Our team has an integration to DocuSign allowing you to embed eSignatures directly into Business Central. This provides a quick way to send quotes, estimates, or any other documents for signatures without juggling multiple applications.

Warehouse Handheld App

As your team is working in the warehouse, moving inventory, shipping, or receiving, our Warehouse Application for handhelds allows all of these functions to happen right on the device.

Quality Assurance

Implement a structured Quality Assurance process for any of your workflows. As you receive goods, verify the quality, take notes, and add detailed reporting to improve operations.

Contract Management

Many of our clients have service businesses or other agreements that they need to track. Our add-on applies all the features needed to track and manage your contracting.

Why switch to Business Central?

The teams we meet with are here because they typically have the same types of problems:

Current system is holding them back

As your company grows, the tools you use will need to grow with you. Not all accounting or ERP systems are able to handle this. Whether you are on QuickBooks, an outdated ERP, or a niche ERP solution, there typically comes a point where your team is ready to invest in getting onto a system that is scalable.

Dynamics Business Central is a clear favorite given it's affordable license pricing and that it is built to handle operations of any size. We have implemented Business Central for teams as small as one user and as big as 500+.

Inability to find the right data

As mentioned above, it's common for companies to be run on a patch work of different systems. When this is the case, finding the right information can be a real problem. By connecting your entire business within one solution, you can ensure that your people have access to the information they need.

Unable to optimize operations

Once you are on a single solution, challenges that were previously difficult, if not impossible, become easy to implement. Routing approvals to the right department, keeping everyone coordinated, and being able to automate manual work is a natural step of using Business Central.

By connecting your entire business within one solution there is nothing holding your team back. The flexibility in Business Central has allowed our clients to fully optimize their workflows and processes.

License Guide

There are three available licenses. Manufacturers require the features that are included only in the Premium license. Some users will be able to use Team Member licenses due to limited need with interacting in the system.

Team Member

$8 / month

For team members that only need read or update access to Business Central. Great for management or sales staff.

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Read records


$70 / month

Includes all basic features required for supply chain, project management, and accounting. Manufacturing will likely not use this license.

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All features in Team Member

plus icon

Finance & Accounting

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Supply chain

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Project Management


$100 / month

The Manufacturing license. This extended includes the features needed for production and service order management.

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All features in Essentials

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Manufacturing Components

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Service Orders

What our clients are saying

"Since 2013 I have done two global implementations with NTR at different companies. Here is what made them an easy choice: They take the time to understand your business and processes, they move quickly to configure the system and get user feedback incorporated. Finally, there is support to ensure you are functional on the first days and weeks after go-live. You can trust NTR will be with you the entire way."
Business Central Customer

Joe M

VP Finance | Doble
"The NTR team has been extremely responsive and professional in every way. They’ve been very accommodating and understanding of our needs, which combined with their deep knowledge of Business Central and manufacturing operating principles, has been key to our process development to date."
Business Central


General Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

"NTR is very different, for three simple reasons:
1. they take the time to understand your business.
2. they move quickly to configure the system, get user interaction and feedback incorporated
3. there is full support to ensure you are fully functional on the first days and weeks after go-live."

Business Central Customer

Joe M
VP Finance, Doble

Does Business Central have all the features I need?

It has been used by Manufacturers big and small for over 20 years. If you have any doubts, our team can show you.

What about my old data?

Our team can make historical data from your old system available in Business Central as needed.

Cloud or on-premise?

The choice is yours. Our team has handled implementations for either Cloud or On-premise Business Central.

I want to see a demo!

Not a problem! Contact us to schedule your personalized demo.

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Nearly a quarter of manufacturers need to replace their old ERP to position themselves for growth.

They are missing features, the system is slow, and many other common problems. It's holding them back from achieving performance targets and better serving their customers.

New Technology Research is able to help manufacturers of any size, from startups to global enterprises.

In the last 25 years, we've helped teams across the globe achieve their operating and financial goals. We'd love for the chance to work with you.

Kenn Andersen, Managing Director

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