Using Microsoft Business Central for Distribution

A successful implementation requires a partner with Distribution expertise and deep product knowledge. After 20+ years with Business Central, our team is more than qualified. Chat with us today.

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You're not still handling distribution with manual accounting work, are you?

Streamlined distribution runs like a dream.

Within each company there are many manual hand-offs and bottlenecks.

Typically they are quite obvious, but you just don't have the right tools to remove them.

But if you could, that would make a enormous difference.

With the amount of different ERP solutions, it's hard to evaluate your requirements across them of all. So which can actually get you to that next level of efficiency?

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central can give you that efficiency.

Because we've done it and we continue to help clients do just that.

You pick, pack, and ship your orders. With automation taking care of the rest

Upgrading from an old out-dated system? Or moving to an ERP for the first time?

Here are some of the top targets for cutting waste:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Distribution

Order Processing is optimized

by eliminating manual data entry, enabling standardized steps, and removing old system hiccups

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Distribution

Accounting is made easy

with manual steps  automated, reconciling is quick

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Distribution

Shipping is streamlined

with integrations to shipping carriers, removing double entry for each order

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Distribution

Inventory is accurate

with the right tools to keep records synced with what is really happening

Finally use automation! You process orders quickly by having the fewest steps possible, even between locations, departments, and companies.

Handling distribution and warehousing in Microsoft Business Central

You can optimize your order handling and finally eliminate the bottlenecks holding you back

+ Schedule the processing of orders with maximum efficiency

+ Optimize your pick routing for speed

+ Accurately manage vendor pricing and make better decisions

Shipping integration in Microsoft Business Central

Shipping details are exchanged seamlessly with the major carriers

+ You get accurate shipping pricing for the lowest rates

+ Automate shipping tasks and keep Business Central fully synced

Automate accounting entries in Microsoft Business Central

You can make life easy for your accounting team with 80% less time to reconcile month-end.

+ Accounting entries are automatically generated

+ Important documents are easily tracked and managed

+ Real-time accuracy of finances

Inventory management for distribution in Microsoft Business Central

Inventory management that is accurate without breaking your process

+ Inventory movements done on mobile

+ Add Quality Assurance at any step

Is your current Distribution system missing any of these features?

Business Central Feature
Comprehensive warehouse management
Business Central Feature
EDI Transactions
Business Central Feature
Sales commission management
Business Central FeatureBusiness Central Feature
Shipping carrier integrations
Business Central FeatureBusiness Central Feature
Profitability analysis by multiple dimensions
Business Central Feature
Easy integration with external tools
System does not slow down when things get busy
Business Central Feature
Integrated accounting: GL, AR, AP, Payroll, and more
Business Central FeatureBusiness Central Feature
Inventory forecasting & replenishment
Business Central Feature
For a full overview, chat with our team.
Business Central Feature

See all of these features in a demo

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Picture this: Streamlined order processing, mobile inventory movements, and all accounting entries happen automatically. Your team is free to focus on what they do best.

See how we've helped companies like yours manage distribution in Business Central

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"Since 2013 I have done two global implementations with NTR at different companies. Here is what made them an easy choice: They take the time to understand your business and processes, they move quickly to configure the system and get user feedback incorporated. Finally, there is support to ensure you are functional on the first days and weeks after go-live. You can trust NTR will be with you the entire way."

Joe McCadden

VP Finance
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"The NTR team has been extremely responsive and professional in every way. They’ve been very accommodating and understanding of our needs, which combined with their deep knowledge of Business Central and manufacturing operating principles, has been key to our process development to date."


General Manager

"An explosive value transformation": Our team on what Business Central unlocks for Distribution companies.

Angle imageMicrosoft Business Central expert

Our Distribution clients feel that upgrading to Business Central was a major stepping stone in overcoming major roadblocks to their growth.

They've been forced to tie everything together using spreadsheets or other fixes, but it's clear its holding them back.

Business Central opens an explosive value transformation.

They can now focus on high value projects and its exciting to watch.

Kenn Andersen | LinkedIn | Let's chat!

Managing Director, NTR

Most importantly, the R.O.I. is immediate with a partner has real experience in distribution.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central has proven it's value for handling distribution.

For you to get the same results, you need a partner that can translate your operations into Business Central without the need to customize.

Our approach is to take standard Business Central as far as it goes, keeping our clients from needing to spend large amounts of money.

This makes it easier to learn, maintain, and update going forward.

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