Upgrade Microsoft NAV to Business Central

What if you could remove that old system headache by this time next quarter?

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An ERP that is available from anywhere. Great on mobile. Lightning fast. With all the features you need from NAV, but without the headaches that an old system gives you.

Companies are adopting the latest tech and features, its a constant race.

Being on the forefront gives you flexibility.

Nowhere is that more apparent than with Microsoft Navision.

We've worked with NAV since it was invented, and the transformation has been huge.

Let me explain.

NAV is stagnant, and that can hurt you where it matters most. Critically, what's missing is:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Manufacturing

Advanced Security

Lowering your risk of hacking and ransomware

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Manufacturing

Easy integrations

Allowing your team to streamline and connect your data

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Manufacturing

Available support

Get your questions answered and the right training

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Manufacturing

Upgrades & improvements

Take advantage of Microsoft's investments in new features

Finally use the great features Microsoft has added! Each day you easily get your work done without having to battle with an out dated system.

Upgrade Microsoft NAV to Business Central for better security

Your system won't be vulnerable to hackers.

The importance of security has never been more clear. Companies are at risk of hackers and ransomware that can cripple your operations and extract a massive cost to resolve.

With the latest Business Central, Microsoft provides the infrastructure and security to protect your company. Focus on what you do best, let Microsoft handle the tech.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Manufacturing

You can find affordable training and support

As a system gets outdated, so will the pool of expertise. There will simply be less people who know your version of NAV. Finding support or training for your new hire will get harder and more expensive to find.

The price of upgrading will continue to go up. Finding a partner with deep expertise in your version of NAV will also get harder, leaving your team with expensive choices when the time comes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Manufacturing

You can add integrations to your other tools.

Get your data connected. New tools and systems are popping up daily. When your team decides to make the investment in a tool that will add value, being able to connect it to your ERP is critical for streamlining and better reporting.

Microsoft now encourages deep integration. Ready-to-go add ons are published with easy access. Most importantly, version support is guaranteed. Old NAV has compatibility issues and difficulty working with other systems. For Business Central, that's a thing of the past.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Manufacturing

New updates and bug fixes are available immediately

Versions are a thing of the past. In the new Business Central, your team will enjoy updates multiple times per year. These include fixing of bugs, improvements, and new features. Upgrades are always compatible.

With the right partner, you will know how features impact operations and new opportunities.

You'll be glad we talked. Few partners have the expertise to review old versions of NAV. We've helped companies like yours get upgraded.

Upgrading from NAV to latest Business Central requires the following type of partner:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Manufacturing

Experience with your NAV version

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Manufacturing

Can translate your workflow from NAV to BC

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Manufacturing

Training & support with both versions

Each version of NAV has it's nuances.

These nuances can translate into big costs if ignored during an upgrade.

A partner will need to understand your operations and how it is done in NAV, then be able to translate that to Business Central.

Thankfully, we have been with NAV since it was invented (literally).

Our team has hands-on experience with every version and translate it directly to the latest Business Central.

We utilize this expertise to provide better training and support for your team.

We can give them clear guides from how they did their job in NAV to what that will look like in Business Central.

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