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Audit-friendly & all-around organized agreements

Many organizations have modernized their operations with Microsoft Business Central. Yet most still prepare, sign, act on, and manage signatures via manual, disconnected processes.

By automating and connecting your signature processes, DocuSign can accelerate turnaround times, reduce costs, and elevate your customer experience.

Move from Sales Quote to signatures in just three clicks: print, attach, & send.
The rest is completely automated

Add an automated signature process to any workflow in Business Central. The included capabilities:

Business Central Feature
Multi-step signatures
Business Central Feature
Collecting information through forms
Business Central Feature
Conditional document sections (hide and display sections based on needs)
Business Central Feature
Signature status monitoring
Business Central Feature
In-person signatures
Business Central Feature
Automatically pulling form information into Business Central

Picture it: Take all slow signature steps and automate them. Give your team that time back.Here is a case study of doing just that.

A fully automated RMA estimate process that uses various DocuSign capabilities.

Return merchandise authorization (RMA) process - Done better

1. RMA process starts.

The customer submits their request for an RMA. At this point the RMA will be created in Business Central to begin processing. After Customer Service inputs the initial details, the automation takes over all the way to the end.

The system will generate an RMA quote and proposal that requires a signature and a number of form fields to be completed by the customer.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central DocuSign Integration

2. Automation moves the RMA proposal & processes.

The system takes the RMA quote & proposal and is able to send it for signature through the DocuSign integration.

The signature blocks are automatically applied to the proposal, form fields are pre-filled using data from Business Central to automate data entry for customer service, eliminating the need to manually handle each estimate.

DocuSign takes over the heavy lifting of routing the document to be signed by the customer first, and then the internal signatures as needed.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central DocuSign Integration

3. Automated signature & data retrieval.

Once the customer completes the RMA proposal the information contained in this documents needs to get back into Business Central move the process forward. Previously, a customer service agent would need to read each PDF manually and type the data in.

This happens automatically using the DocuSign APIs to pull the form details, update the RMA record, and notify the team. 

When the process is done, the completed proposal is downloaded and attached to the RMA and all form details are included in Business Central.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central DocuSign Integration

What can the DocuSign integration be used for?

Purpose-built for flexibility. The Business Central platform clearly needs this integration. The use cases that benefit from adding these capabilities continues to grow:

Business Central Feature
Purchase orders
Business Central Feature
Field Service
Business Central Feature
Lien waivers
Business Central Feature
Terms of service
Business Central Feature
Order acknowledgements
Business Central Feature
Warranty Management
Business Central Feature
Business Central Feature
Sales quotes & proposals

Your needs not on this list? The integration we built will work for that too. With complete flexibility for Business Central components, DocuSign can be applied anywhere.

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