Send DocuSign signatures directly from Business Central

Simplify your current workflows with our authentic add-on let's you use DocuSign within Business Central for efficient signature processes. Keep all important data synced.

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Signature workflows in Business Central

Connecting your business is not possible if you are compromising on features. With Microsoft Business Central your team can incorporate all of your workflows in one place.

DocuSign Integration for Microsoft Business Central
DocuSign integration for Microsoft Business Central

Add DocuSign anywhere

You can adapt the integration to your specific setup.  Easy setup, easy adjustments to utilize all of what DocuSign provides.

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This add-on is built for any team to use. We will help you configure and setup. Want to make changes? That's available as needed.

Knowledge isn’t static — why should your presentations be? We integrate with the tools you rely on every day to keep information and conversations up-to-date, turning presentations into living documents.

How DocuSign can be integrated with Business Central

Our standard workflow can be summarized as follows:

Creating the DocuSign envelope

The DocuSign envelope is what handles each signature that is sent out to be collected. These envelopes can be created from anywhere in Business Central and therefore can be embedded within any business process you currently have.

Sending for signature

The envelope itself can be used for much more than signatures. It provides a means of exchanging documentation in an auditable framework with any outside or internal stakeholders. Nearly all features provided by DocuSign are available through our integration, so we encourage you to review what they offer before you design your ideal business process.

Envelope monitoring

Your team will always be on top of the status of each signature. The status is continuously updated on the Business Central document allowing you to trigger workflows or other processes based on the latest status. For example, send notifications to your users when a signature has not been viewed by the customer within a week of sending.

Completing the signature loop

When the signatures are done, the integration will automatically download the signed document and attach it within Business Central. At this stage we can flow that signed document to the appropriate places. For example, a signed Sales Quote can be flowed to the invoice for a complete audit trail.

Full flexibility for your processes

We've built this integration with full flexibility in mind. We can adjust and change any aspect to fit your specific business processes. Feel free to design the right workflow for your team, and we will configure it to match it exactly.

eSignature workflows in Business Central

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