Quality Assurance Process in Microsoft Business Central

See a QA process in Business Central

The standard Dynamics Business Central does not include a flexible quality assurance approach but it is a common need for operations across various industries.

Our team has developed a QA solution that allows for a flexible structure for collecting quality data, and defining the logic for your process.

How Quality Assurance works in Business Central

Our architecture is built around three main components:

  • The quality data itself
  • Checklists and inspections
  • Trigger points and logic that drive the interaction between the above

Quality components

Each of the components below define the general architecture for how the QA process is designed, however, when our team implements the process it is done according to your needs.

If your team needs additional elements or will not need pieces of what is listed below, then it is not required. An implementation is 100% configurable to your process.

Inspections & Quality Data

A Quality Assurance process is typically structured with specific inspection points during the operations. This could be during the receiving of goods from a vendor, during production, or prior to shipping to customers.

These inspections need to exist in Business Central with unique identifiers, references, and relevant data that your team is tracking. We typically create various inspection pages, checklists, and templates for your products that allow the quick recording of these details.

The process can be further sped up with the use of bar codes that can be scanned by handheld devices.

Trigger Points & Workflow Logic

A logic framework will need to be added to the inspections. The logic decides when the inspections should be done, what information needs to be collected (which template to apply), and any validations on the data.

There are also trigger points that can be applied. When an item or a process reaches a specific stage with specific characteristics, then an inspection can be triggered. This process is automated but also can be triggered manually.

Quality Assurance Power BI Dashboard

The quality data is all available for reporting via Power BI. Our QA dashboard compiles the checklists and incidents into one area to review each aspect of the production process allowing drilldown to review incidents individually or in aggregate.

QA in Power BI

Page 1 - QA Incidents and Drilldown

Page 1 provides an aggregate view of the incidents by severity. Clicking on a particular date allows the user to filter and see the individual incidents that make up the visual they clicked on.

Page 2 - Production Process Drilldown

Page 2 provides an easy way to see each stage of the production process and drill into the incidents associated with each stage. The visual can be made to fit your exact process.

Clicking on a process flow step filters all the data.

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