Quality Assurance Process in Microsoft Business Central

See a QA process in Business Central

Complex and expensive? QA doesn't have to be.

Why doesn't Microsoft include a straightforward Quality Management in Business Central? Well, it is there, but you just need to see it can be enabled.

That's what our QA package aims to do. It takes advantage of what's already there, adding a modular QA process on top.

Tracking, reporting, monitoring, all without leaving Business Central. Let's walk through how it works and at the bottom you can see why our clients opt for the complete package.

Implementing Quality Assurance in Business Central

Each client we have worked with has a unique operation that is tailored for their products or the type of service they provide.

As such, their Quality Management program needs to be tailored to fit the nuances that exist without requiring a restructuring of their operations to better manage quality control.

Our approach involves implementing quality control steps at specific points in a process from when an item is either received or created to when it arrives in inventory ready to be sold.

These steps can be tailored and made conditional based on information and decisions that occurred in previous steps or at a higher level.

What is a Quality Assurance step in Business Central?

A quality control step is a distinct action point in a process in which a user will be required to perform a step and record details surrounding it.

This broad definition allows us to tailor it to fit many different needs. As examples:

  • Quality inspection step when raw materials are received. Record visual inspection, images taken of the items, and more.
  • Inspection step that identifies an issue with a part that will need to be replaced.
  • Quality assurance certification at a specific step in production testing and recording results.

Tailored Quality Assurance for any process

As stated above, our QA approach allows a custom tailoring to each companies specific processes within Business Central.

The data collected during the QA process can be tied to all relevant documents such as:

  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Receipts
  • Production Orders
  • Service Orders
  • Warranties

The conditionality of the steps also allows your team to embed sophisticated logic of when the QA step should be applied and in what circumstances it will not be necessary.

Tracking and monitoring

The NTR Quality Assurance process described above is a flexible and deeply integrated component that provides robust data collection regarding quality management across your organization.

By having a system that handles these important data collection efforts, your team can utilize the standard NAV reporting features or a robust analytics platform like Power BI to visualize and track these QA events.

Reports and dashboards can be built that show the bottlenecks, waste costs, and any other details that are happening in real time as they are tied directly to the data source.

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Business Central QA Package

Ready to jump start your Quality Assurance in Business Central?

Our package includes everything your team will need:

  • Configure Business Central for QA
  • Analysis of your business processes
  • Tailor the QA process to your workflow
  • Power BI Dashboards for monitoring
  • Training for all of the above

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