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Open your browser each day and see detailed analytics on your business

The world is talking about data.

The leading companies have clear views of their business.

They've successfully moved from the complicated spreadsheet to insightful dashboards.

Microsoft Power BI

You open a finance dashboard, and can clearly see how costs are trending. The operations report shows your bottlenecks and areas of opportunity. Sales trends are crystal clear.

The abandonment of Pivot Tables is for a reason.

They are useful but present a number of problems:

Power BI is better than spreadsheets

Big time investments

to maintain the spreadsheets and make sure data is accurate

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Manufacturing

Costly mistakes & issues

creep in and force your team to spend countless hours to fix

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Manufacturing

Spreadsheet creator left

and now your team is struggling to figure out how it works.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Manufacturing

Getting access to the right people

requires multiple copies of the same sheet, or other convoluted means.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Manufacturing

Data security is difficult

when sharing the spreadsheets are so easy to distribute.

Picture it: Your weekly stand-up meeting has detailed charts, figures, and calculations, and no one had to spend any time preparing them.

Here is why we recommend Power BI to our clients.

In our opinion, there is nothing like it. Let me explain.

On the visuals, it has everything. More is being added every month. Changing between ways of displaying data is only a click away.

Power BI is a full data platform. It can consume data from anywhere and bring it all together. We've been able to build reports that tied data together from over four systems (Salesforce, Business Central, UltiPro, and Excel). All of it automatic, no added manual work.

Overview of the data sources available

It's extremely intuitive. Excel experience is 100% transferable. It is Microsoft after all. Unsure of something? Most answers are only a google search away. Here is what will shock you.

The pricing is $9.99. This is per user per month. No big up-front cost, just add as needed. R.O.I. has been massive.

Let's summarize all of these benefits.

Massive selection of visual options
Business Central Feature
Connect & automate all of your data
Business Central Feature
Easy to learn and manage
Business Central Feature
Some of the best pricing in the industry
Business Central Feature

Picture it: Your weekly stand-up meeting has detailed charts, figures, and calculations, and no one had to spend any time preparing them.

Getting running with Power BI can be quick and painless.

What is required depends on what your needs specifically needs.

We aim to make this transition easy.

We fill the gaps where you need it: Design, training, configuration or anywhere else.

Getting started with Power BI

We help you get started with Power BI with clear instructions, pre-designed dashboards, and more.

Power BI Dashboard

Create beautiful dashboards quickly with our dashboard templates

Getting started with Power BI

Access our various Power BI resources for Design, Training, and much more.

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You can quickly become an expert.

As a Power BI Professional, you should have the resources of the best designers. The Power BI Vault is how you catch up.

Access the Power BI Vault
Power BI Template Design Idea File

Publish a stunning report in just 12 minutes

You can go from a beginner to an expert, by getting the resources the experts have. Let us introduce you to The Vault. The must-have for all Power BI professionals.

The Vault is your Power BI steroids. Here's how efficient you can be:

Power BI Report Designs Template Files

Select the best design for your project

Browse the Vault collection
Download the best template file
Done. You now have a professional design.

Add your data

With the design done, you simply need to load add your data. Have an issue loading your data? You now have a team of experts ready to help.

Load data to Power BI Template file
Power BI Report Designs Template Files

Show what is important

Drop your KPIs and important data right into the templates. The Vault includes common calculations you might need. Simply copy and paste our DAX into your reports to use.

Need help? Ask our team anything.

Having a problem with a measure? Not sure how to calculate something? Send us your questions and our experts will give you guidance.

Power BI Help and Template Files

Publish the report

With access to the vault, you can go from a report taking 10+ hours, to just 12 minutes.

Be a Power BI Superstar

Professional agencies have a library full of templates. They have experts available to help. They have a portfolio of design ideas.

You can have all of this. The Power BI Vault is built to make you the best.

As a beginner

Create the layout

Create the design

Adjust fonts, shapes, and colors

Design the visuals

Struggle alone with loading data

Struggle alone with DAX and metrics

Clean up layout issues

Explain to your boss that you need more time

Your boss & clients are not happy

As a Vault Professional

Select the best design

Add your data into the visuals

Calculate KPIs

Talk to a Vault Pro and fix your issues

Publish a stunning report, on time

Your boss & clients are happy

Join the professionals across the globe

Each day Power BI beginners take a big step towards becoming Experts. They choose to use The Vault.

Don't continue being behind. Get access to The Vault today.

Easy access, cancel any time.

"The help is incredible. I can't thank them enough for the ability to reach them effortlessly. The templates are amazing too!"
- Eddie G

With the Vault, Power BI becomes easier to use

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100+ Report design examples

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Font guide for the best fonts

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Improved Power BI Visuals Search

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Unlimited support from Power BI Pros

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Curated training & Power BI help

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Latest Power BI Ideas

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DAX reference library

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50% discount on Power BI Pro Services

Lifetime Access


Access for you & your team

Vault Access

$9.99 / month

Most Popular

Committed Professional

$99 / year

$8.25 / month, billed annually

Here are all of our current template files

New designs added weekly.

Commonly asked questions

How do I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe at any time. Message us here, or send us an email and we will process your cancellation ASAP.

I need a specific Power BI Visual

Our Power BI visuals search is better than what Microsoft provides so you are easily able to see what visuals are available to use.

Can you build a custom report?

We can build you a custom report or template for a fee. Active subscribers get a 50% discount on our hourly rate.

Can I share with my team?

Currently we allow you to share your subscription with your team so everyone can use it!