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Most companies operate on a patch-work. Data is split between spreadsheets, pivot tables, or built-in reports. Tying them all together is either too expensive or simply not possible.

Here is what I see as the fundamental problem.

You need a data platform

But you already knew that.

What I'm talking about is a technology that has all the visuals you'll need. Whether complex or simple, it just needs to work.

Business Central Power BI Dashboards

Here comes the difficult part. Tying all of your data together. Whether your team uses a few systems or many, getting all of that data together needs to be quick and easy. What is the point of a new technology if it creates more issues than it solves? There is more to this.

Getting teams to use new tools can be a pain. The platform needs to be easy to adopt and easy to train.

Cost is always an important factor. The price has to be reasonable for a good R.O.I. to be met.

Let's put it all together:

Visuals & metrics

Has all of the graphs, tables, and display options you need

Combine all of your data

Automate connecting all of your data, remove any manual steps.

Easy to learn and use

Quick training to get started and be self-sufficient. On-going support when you need it.

Return on Investment

Like any smart investment the payback period has to be good

Here is why we recommend Power BI to our clients

In our opinion, there is nothing like it. Let me explain.

On the visuals, it has everything. More is being added every month. Changing between ways of displaying data is only a click away.

Power BI is a full data platform. It can consume data from anywhere and bring it all together. We've been able to build reports that tied data together from over four systems (Salesforce, Business Central, UltiPro, and Excel). All of it automatic, no added manual work.

Overview of the data sources available

It's extremely intuitive. Excel experience is 100% transferable. It is Microsoft after all. Unsure of something? Most answers are only a google search away. Here is what will shock you.

The pricing is $9.99. This is per user per month. No big up-front cost, just add as needed. R.O.I. has been massive.

Let's summarize all of these benefits.

Massive selection of visual options
Connect & automate all of your data
Easy to learn and manage
Some of the best pricing in the industry

Power BI & NTR: The full platform package

Consider us the gasoline for your fire. We get your team started, trained, and first reports published quickly.

Getting your data connected can be daunting. With our experience, we can show you how to tie it together and automate it all.

No need to spend time creating a nice looking design. We have design templates ready for you to use.

Difficult calculations are made easy with our metrics knowledge base.

Our quick-start package gets you mobilized:

Evaluate your data sources and get them tied together
Automate data collection
Ready-to-go report designs for easy use
Pre-built metrics for your KPIs
On-going support when you need it

Have any lingering questions?

Still not convinced? Here's what we've built for clients

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

  • RMAs by Technicians
  • RMA aging
  • RMAs by status
  • RMA billed total


  • Customer product calibrations by day
  • Daily units in repair


  • Revenue by product groupings and departments
  • Fiscal year over year comparisons
  • Month to date, year to date compared to forecasts
  • Revenue per employee


  • Expenses by department, product group, and company


  • Order totals by product
  • Order totals by sales region
  • Split commission totals
  • Sales & service order totals


  • Daily/Monthly sales & service shipments
  • Late shipments

Employee Time Registration

  • Total employee hours by week
  • Revenue per employee hour
  • Cost per employee hour
  • Employee hours vs contractor hours
  • PTO vs regular hours by week.


  • Production lead time
  • Cost of errors & waste

Business Central Power BI Dashboards

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