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A fully connected system that handles your entire business from finance to operations, and everything in-between

Microsoft Business Central is focused on growing businesses facing challenges.

While technology is meant to enable efficiency and cost-savings, for many, the opposite happens.

It's often a slow creep.

The tools work in the beginning, but as your company grows, the problems appear.

You need features the system does not have.

Expensive upgrades are required for what you need.

Some tools simply slow down and become difficult to use as you ramp up.

Precisely when your growth can be accelerated, your tools stand in your way.

This can be completely avoided.

Finally peel away the duct tape holding your business together and replace it with real connections. Handle your finances and accounting while being able to directly link it with each part of your operations. All within one system at a single price.

Growing pains are very real.

You may be feeling them already.

Specifically, they come in these flavors:

See where your current systems could fail you

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Disconnected processes

Each department is on an island and it feels like no one is able to "talk" to eachother.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Lacking the features you need

You know how to get the job done but your tools just won't allow it.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Disappointing performance

The more you use it, the less reliable it becomes.

Picture having your team entirely connected within one system, all of you are managed under the secure and reliable Microsoft Platform

Microsoft Business Central patches these issues for good.

It is an all-in-one solution that enables your business to grow.

Microsoft Business Central for Service Management

Every facet of operations is covered. Each module is available from the start, use only what you need.

Microsoft Business Central integrations with other tools

Integrations with the other tools you use. Business Central is built to talk with other systems.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Affordable pricing with license cost that is competitive across the leading ERPs on the market.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

You get a knowledgeable partner to help you. Avoid volume focused resellers. We are hands-on with each of our clients.

Simple and all-inclusive pricing. Get everything your team will need, at a single monthly price.

Team Member


For your team members that don't need to create data, but simply edit or view.


Read anything in BC


Update existing data


Create, edit, or delete quotes


Enter time sheets



The license for your active users in each of the modules listed below

plus icon

Financial Management

plus icon

Customer Relationships

plus icon


plus icon

Supply Chain

plus icon

Human Resources

plus icon

Warehouse Management



The complete license, includes every module in Business Central.


All modules in ESSENTIALS

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Service Management

plus icon


Learn more about how Business Central is applied to different industries

See all of these features in a demo

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See how we've helped companies like yours upgrade to Business Central

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"Since 2013 I have done two global implementations with NTR at different companies. Here is what made them an easy choice: They take the time to understand your business and processes, they move quickly to configure the system and get user feedback incorporated. Finally, there is support to ensure you are functional on the first days and weeks after go-live. You can trust NTR will be with you the entire way."

Joe McCadden

VP Finance
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"The NTR team has been extremely responsive and professional in every way. They’ve been very accommodating and understanding of our needs, which combined with their deep knowledge of Business Central and manufacturing operating principles, has been key to our process development to date."


General Manager

"Microsoft Business Central is the ERP for growing Businesses" - Our team on why it should be top of your list

Angle imageMicrosoft Business Central expert

Microsoft Business Central is the ERP for growing businesses.

It gives them the runway to expand, without their tools holding them back.

Business Central is dynamic. It is ready for what your team wants to do.

Kenn Andersen | LinkedIn | Let's chat!

Managing Director, NTR

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