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Service management typically includes an Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process and procedure. This RMA process involves service orders, estimates, inventory, quality assurance, and much more. All of which is directly tied into finance and time registration.

Business Central is the ideal platform for Service Management and a comprehensive and fully integrated RMA process. Below we outline how this is accomplished within Business Central creating an efficient and automated system.

From submitting the RMA, repairing, and shipping. You are able to handle the entire process within one system.

To effectively run the full RMA process in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central requires handling the following steps:

  1. Customer submitting the RMA and starting process
  2. Evaluation, quoting, and warranty management
  3. Scheduling and management of the repair
  4. Embedded quality assurance
  5. Shipment of completed items

Throughout these steps the customer will likely need to be kept updated on the status and any other information that may require their feedback or approval.

Customer submitting the RMA and starting process

Enabling an effective RMA process in Business Central is optimally done through the use of an external Customer Portal. The portal serves as an entry point where customers can log in, create their RMAs, view progress on current repairs, and view their history and warranty usage.

Given that each of these areas require tight integration to Business Central, we've created our own Customer Portal that enables all of the following to be possible directly in Business Central:

  • Creation of Service Orders
  • View, updates, and approvals of Service Estimates
  • Warranty management
  • Direct technician chat for question handling with conversation logging

Importantly, once a customer submits their RMA they will receive instructions on how to ship the products and a support chat is available in the portal for handling any questions

Evaluation, quoting, and warranty management

On the other side of the customer facing portal is another portal that is specifically tailored for your technicians. This handles the evaluation of the RMA and the retrieval of customer information, warranty details, costing information, and many other details that are managed within Business Central. Here in the technician portal your team can do the following as part of the RMA process:

  • Access RMA requests from customers
  • View their assigned tasks and work
  • Handle support questions from customers
  • Create service estimates and send for signature approval

At this stage we recommend adding an integration to DocuSign as it handles a significant amount of automation in collecting signatures and RMA details from the customer.

Scheduling and management of repair work

To best triage each RMA repair and manage the procedure and process across various workstations, technicians, and embedded quality assurance activities, a visual scheduling tool adds significant value by providing management a clear view of it all.

The visual scheduling tool from Netronic is the premier extension for giving a comprehensive view of all RMA activities. Many day-to-day challenges of the RMA process can be solved:

I need to squeeze in a rush job. What is the impact on the overall schedule?
My machine broke. I need to reschedule everything and make sure important jobs are still done in time.
I don’t know what impacts my throughput. How can I easily spot bottlenecks?

Handle the entirety of the service management process with a drag and drop view. The extension adds various capabilities:

Embedded quality assurance in Business Central

Ensuring high quality work requires a robust quality assurance (QA) program. Enabling a QA process and tracking within Business Central provides a documented and verifiable system that your team can use to improve performance and quality measures over time.

The QA system can be applied at each step of production and is seemlessly enabled along side all the other critical components within Business Central and your RMA process.

Shipment of completed items

Once the RMA process is completed, the items will need to be shipped back to the customer. The entire shipment process is managed within Business Central. The customer will have seen status updates throughout the process and will now be able to see the products are being shipped back and the tracking information for them.

All of the steps and information gathered along the full RMA procedure is recorded within Business Central, tied to the customer record, their warranty details, and more. Your team will have a full view of what was done and it can be referenced at any point in the future.

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