Advanced Contract Management in Business Central

Our team of professionals has decades of experience working with advanced contracting needs and developed a solution that is native to Microsoft Business Central.

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Business Central Customer

"Since 2013 I have done two global implementations with NTR. They have the experience for small and global companies."
Joe M | VP Finance @ Doble

Contract Management System for Business Central

The out-of-the-box Business Central does not include the critical contracting features that many of our clients rely on. Our Contract Management System adds the following features, and is tailorable to your teams specific workflows:

Contract amendments with quotes and merging.

Handling multiple versions of a contract is an integral part of our solution. It allows your team to keep a detailed history of the contract and contract lines that have been amended and merged into the active contract over time, for each customer. 

The workflow allows your team to generate a contract quote, merge the amendment, and keep the history accessible for future reference. Any billing impacts are automatically handled.

Billing periods and scenarios

Shifting to new billing periods is handled on the contract line level allowing you to manage them individually. You can set one item on a six month period and another on an 18 month billing period, all within the same contract. This gives you full flexibility with everything being integrated into the standard accounting features in Business Central.

Prorated billing is also included allowing you to take contract charges and apply them by calendar day in your chosen proration schedule.

Contract types & integrations

The system is built to manage all contract types including leases and warranties. The various features allows the flexibility to match your contract structure and it's integrations with procurement, finance, project managment, and more.

An integrated solution to Business Central

Our approach is different. 

We've built an architecture that is designed to be configured, not customized, to your specific needs. This drastically cuts down the cost of the implementation and provides a simple way to fine-tune the workflows to how your team gets their work done effectively.

You will not spend 12-24 months paying for expensive customizations. Our team works from the beginning to configure each component to your needs. Our solution has been used by global organizations to manage their advanced contracting needs.
Most Contract Management Solutions require the purchase of an add-on to Business Central that often requires a per user cost, and significant additional investment for customization of the solution to fit your teams specific needs, since the standard product rarely is a perfect fit.

DocuSign eSignatures

Our team has an integration to DocuSign allowing you to embed eSignatures directly into Business Central. This provides a quick way to send contracts, amendments, quotes, or any other document for signature, all within your Business Central workflow.

What our clients are saying

"Since 2013 I have done two global implementations with NTR at different companies. Here is what made them an easy choice: They take the time to understand your business and processes, they move quickly to configure the system and get user feedback incorporated. Finally, there is support to ensure you are functional on the first days and weeks after go-live. You can trust NTR will be with you the entire way."
Business Central Customer

Joe M

VP Finance | Doble
"The NTR team has been extremely responsive and professional in every way. They’ve been very accommodating and understanding of our needs, which combined with their deep knowledge of Business Central and manufacturing operating principles, has been key to our process development to date."
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