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North Carolina Business Central Partner

North Carolina Business Central Partner

Why is a North Carolina partner important?

Getting started with Business Central requires expertise and a close collaboration with your Microsoft Partner to ensure a successful implementation. Having a local partner is critical for quick response and this high-touch process. New Technology Research has been serving North Carolina businesses for 10+ years.

Our North Carolina clients appreciate having experienced support in their own backyard.

Are there cost savings from North Carolina partners?

A big cost element of any Business Central implementation will be the time on-site with your team. Typically that expense includes travel, hotels, and meals. By staying local those costs are dramatically reduced and your partner is more easily able to visit your team on shorter notice.

How do I find a Business Central partner?

There are two realistic options for finding a local North Carolina partner. First, you can find them through Google (as you have done here) and contact them through their website for a consultation. Second, you can contact Microsoft directly and their team will push your request to their network of partners who will then reach out within the next couple of weeks.

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