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Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) are a critical component of any laboratory operations.

Tracking and managing a sample from start to finish includes collecting data, handling inventory, preparing billing, and much more. WinLIMS by Quality Systems International is one of the premier providers of Laboratory solutions whose features include:

  • Sample management workflow
  • Instrument automation
  • Sampling rules
  • Analytical methods implementation
  • Batch and sample dispositions
  • and much more

Integrating industry leading LIMS systems with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central adds significant value to any operations involving laboratory services.

The automation and synchronization of these two important solutions eliminates manual work and provides better and more comprehensive data.

LIMS integrated with Business Central

With Microsoft Business Central managing the finances and accounting of the organization, there is a clear need to synchronize with the orders that are being created and tracked in LIMS.

This integration has been created to do just that by offering a direct feed of the important data from WinLIMS into Business Central. The critical areas covered by the integration includes:

  • Creation of Lab testing orders
  • Updating of billing details from work performed
  • Detailed invoicing
  • Integrated with billing and receivables
  • and more

These examples above cover the typical needs for an integration, but given the open platform of both WinLIMS and Business Central, any other workflow could be covered as well.

New LIMS orders to Business Central

When a new order is created in LIMS, getting the details of that order created in Business Central provides transparency for the entire business.

Whether lab work is the primary piece of operations or one of many, getting all orders into the central ERP is an important step.

The integration of WinLIMS to Business Central provides an immediate synchronization of new orders.

These orders are automatically tagged and tracked with the appropriate data to allow finance to see the source of the order and any other relevant details that are required.

Synchronized order details from LIMS

As an order goes through it's workflow within LIMS, various order details will get added, updated, or removed. Here is where a big delta can occur between your ERP and LIMS since these updates are rarely manually done or can be missed entirely.

Integrate WinLIMS with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

The NTR integration provides for this continuous update of all important order details in order to have a complete picture within Business Central.

The exchange of details provides complete transparency and avoids siloed data throughout the organization.

Detailed invoicing

With keeping the order details thoroughly synced between the two systems, the billing that is handled within Business Central can be comprehensive and automated.

As the various items of the laboratory testing are added, those details will flow directly to the invoicing side of the ERP.

Integrated billing and receivables

With detailed invoicing out of the way, the billing and receivables within Business Central will be automated as well.

All of the appropriate setups required for reconciling these financial elements of the integration are automated to ensure that manual work is eliminated as much as possible allowing your team to focus on higher value tasks

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