100+ Power BI 
Report Examples

Professional designers need a ready collection of real world example reports and dashboard. We have a growing library of the best reports we find.

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Power BI Report Examples

A growing library of real world examples

Get ideas for your own reports or show your clients examples of what is possible. Learn from the best designers.

100+ Power BI Report Examples

Every designer needs a library of ideas and examples

We search all over to find real world examples from the best designers.

Real world examples
Report inspiration and ideas
Show your clients what is possible

We know, Power BI is hard. 

We struggled with all of these issues when we began using Power BI. We know many others find this hard too.

Professional reports take a long time to make.
Creating a great looking report is hard. Coming up with a great design idea, picking the best visuals, and making sure your measures are correct can all be a massive roadblock.
I need examples!
We needed inspiration! How are other companies using Power BI? What visuals are they using? What could I be missing?
I need help, can someone answer my questions?
When we had questions or issues, it took hours of searching to find answers.
DAX & measures are hard.
Some calculations can be tough. It can often be hard to find the right way to calculate something specific.

Taking too long to build great reports?

We created what we always wanted. Power BI can be easy. Designs available, curated training, and unlimited help.

Power BI Report Designs Template Files

Download Power BI Template files

We create professional looking designs for you. New template files are added to our library every month.

Professional looking designs
Variety of different ideas
Add your data and publish
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Stuck with a problem? 
Get unlimited help

Having a problem with a measure? Not sure how to calculate something? Send us your questions and our experts will give you guidance.

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Here are all of our current template files

New designs added weekly.

Make Power BI easy. Use the Vault.

We created what we always wanted. Power BI can be easy. Designs available, curated training, and unlimited help. Unsubscribe at any time.

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Commonly asked questions

How do I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe at any time. Message us here, or send us an email and we will process your cancellation ASAP.

I need a specific Power BI Visual

Our Power BI visuals search is better than what Microsoft provides so you are easily able to see what visuals are available to use.

Can you build a custom report?

We can build you a custom report or template for a fee. Active subscribers get a 50% discount on our hourly rate.

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Currently we allow you to share your subscription with your team so everyone can use it!