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Why is a North Carolina partner important?

Getting started with Power BI requires a close collaboration between the designers creating the reports and the business users who will be using them on a daily basis. Having a local partner allows for cost-effective face to face interactions for making sure all your needs are understood.

Our North Carolina clients appreciate having experienced support in their own backyard.

What services are required to get started with Power BI?

Depending on the goals of your organization, either the complete list of services or individual parts will be required:

  1. Scope and outline your reporting needs
  2. Analyze your data and identify issues and configurations required
  3. Understand how your KPIs are calculated
  4. Configure Power BI and user access
  5. Design reports and dashboards
  6. Validate reports and metrics
  7. On-going support: Questions and adjustments

How do I find a Power BI partner?

There are two realistic options for finding a local North Carolina partner. First, you can find them through Google (as you have done here) and contact them through their website for a consultation. Second, you can contact Microsoft directly and their team will push your request to their network of partners who will then reach out within the next couple of weeks.

How much does the license cost?

There are two types of licenses available for Power BI: Pro and Report Server. The Pro license costs $9.99 per month per person. Pro is what the majority of organizations will use because it is a per person per month license and data is stored and visualized in the cloud. The Report Server license costs $4,995 and is for large organizations with on-premise capabilities

Should I get Power BI Pro or Report Server?

If your organization has deep on-premise expertise, an overall aversion for cloud technology, and the budget for this large expense, then the Report Server is worth considering. Power BI Pro is the flexible and easy to use option for organizations of any size. Our team has experience with implementing both options, so feel free to contact us if you need help evaluating.

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North Carolina Business Central Partner

Power BI is a powerful reporting and analytics platform. It has the ability to connect to hundreds of different data sources and combine them to track your business exactly how you need to. Combine local excel sheets with data from your ERP. Compare access database data with your CRM and cross-reference them both with your ERP. The combinations are nearly limitless. View an overview of Power BI and it's various features and visuals.

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