Integrate Chrome River with Microsoft Business Central

Utilize Chrome Rivers expense management without adding additional work for your team in Microsoft Business Central. Full integration with complete automation.

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Chrome River is one of the leading Expense Management solutions on the market. The feature set that it comes with is excellent for handling:

  • Spending Control
  • Automated Approval Routing
  • Policy enforcement
  • Expense routing rules
  • Credit card integration
  • Personal expense handling
  • and much more

These features are further amplified with a direct integration into Microsoft Dynamics Business Central allowing your organization to keep your finances fully in sync with the expense management. Fully automated for maximum efficiency.

Why integrate Chrome River with Microsoft Business Central?

Typically companies will rely on manual work to reconcile the details within Chrome River and that of their finance or accounting system. Microsoft Dynamics Business Central provides a flexible platform for integration allowing us to fully automate the manual work saving time and money.

Integrating Chrome River with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

The specific pain points resolved with this integration include:

  • Raising expenses and liabilities
  • Removing manual double entry
  • Tracking expenses through dimensions and codes for better reporting
  • Allowing integrated reporting

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Raising expenses and liabilities

At the simplest level, any expenses that are being entered into Chrome River will need to be reconciled with the finance or accounting system. Expenses will need to be recognized and any reimbursements to the employees will need to be raised as liabilities.

With the direct integration, this process becomes entirely automated with purchase journals cataloging all of these details accurately. Automation of this manual process avoids the significant time and possibilities of errors by syncing fully with Chrome Rivers routing system.

Automated file exchanges

Following the entry of expenses and liabilities is the important documentation that is required in case of an audit or a closer review of any details. Keeping the two systems in sync includes the exchange of any files. Through this integration the necessary files uploaded in Chrome River will be attached to the corresponding entries in Business Central.

By eliminating these manual and labor intensive steps, the possibility of error is greatly reduced. In the event of an audit or close review, you can feel comfortable knowing that the two systems are fully in sync.

Integrated reporting

Business Central is the central hub for your organization and as such there is a massive benefit from having it integrated with all systems containing important data. Through this integration there is not just an automation of manual tasks, but it also allows adding dimensions and other tracking elements to the expense management data.

Utilizing a robust analytics platform like Power BI can pull this fully tagged and tracked data, creating powerful visuals and dashboards that your team can use to gather insights about operations and important KPIs.

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