Integrate UltiPro with Microsoft Business Central

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UltiPro Human Capital Management solution is one of the premier HR & Payroll management solutions. It provides a great set of tools for handling various aspects of the Human Capital side of operations that benefit tremendously from a direct integration with Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. Some of the important features include:

  • HR Functions to increase productivity, collaboration, and engagement
  • Payroll management engine
  • Global human capital management
  • Benefits shopping
  • Recruitment
  • Onboarding
  • and much more

UltiPro & Business Central Integration features

Integrating all of these elements with Business Central provides an organization the advantage of a comprehensive ERP + HR management working seamlessly, with important automation embedded to maximize efficiency. Examples of current use cases implemented for clients include:

  • Automated security setup
  • Employee on-boarding procedures
  • Employee termination protocols
  • HR financial components

Given the open platform provided by Microsoft Business Central there is a wide range of workflow automation that can be done via this integration, each tailored to the specific use case of the client.

Automated security setups in Business Central

Given the depth of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and any ERP solution, maintaining consistent and accurate security setups can be a big piece of work. Each time a new employee is hired or someone's access needs to be removed, applying the security policies is typically done manually.

Utilizing UltiPro, companies are already maintaining their onboarding and termination processes and with the integration between the two systems, Business Central can simply look to UltiPro for the user access needs.

Employee onboarding procedures

Across the diverse set of roles within your organization, each typically require a specific setups related to security, reimbursement, payment, and others such as sales staff related items. Each of these are completely automated as part of the integration.

As the employee is created and established in UltiPro the information is fed directly to Business Central which applies all of the pre-configured setups to that individual eliminating a cascade of manual work that would otherwise be required.

Employee termination protocol

Just as the on-boarding automation is handled, the termination process mirrors this in reverse. As an employee is terminated, their access to critical company data is immediately applied to Business Central.

Termination is a protocol that cannot afford to have things slip through the cracks. With the automation in place, there is no room for human error and integration monitoring identifies any potential issues or hiccups.

Human Resource financial components

Various parts of the Human Capital Management process will have impacts within your finance and accounting system. This can include reimbursement setups, commission configuration for sales teams, expense management, and much more.

With a direct integration to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, your team can avoid the much of the manual work reconciling and configuring these financial policies. Instead, automation clears the desk of these tasks allowing your team to focus on higher value targets.

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